Scythe Hydration Belt for running ensures a comfortable runtime. You can get a Professional fuel belt with a unique design already today!

Enjoy your run with a comfort quality hydration belt.


It is efective!

Do you want to keep carrying your cell phone, money, id cards and a bottle of water in your hand or do you want to sort this out unconfortable issue more effectively?

What makes Scythe Hydration Belt the best hydration belt for running?

Premium quality, made from the best quality and adjusted just for running without a need of feeling that “you are wearing something uncomfortable”


You will not even feel Scythe Hydration Belt during your run and therefore your run becomes more comfortable.


Made from a very quality nylon and therefore is ultralight and waterproof. It is designed to look great together with your running clothes. It´s completely unisex!


The pocket is big enough to keep all kinds of phones. It comes together with a special little hole for a headphone cord. Extra pocket to keep your ID cards and money. The pocket is equipped by a special holder for your keys.

You can get your Scythe Hydration Belt just right now!

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